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Welcome to the professional homepage for Billy M. Hall, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Brigham Young University.

Billy Hall received his BA in English and philosophy and MA in English from Brigham Young University. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the department of English at Brigham Young University. His professional interests include eighteenth-century poetry and poetics, Enlightenment studies, philosophy of technology, Media studies, and the history of aesthetics. His dissertation, completed in 2010, The Enlightenment Engine: Aesthetic Technology and the Production of Poetic Knowledge in British poetry 1740-1800 attempts to revive the notion of the poem as techné by reading the eighteenth-century concept of “pure poetry” against the “Romanticizing” tendency of its interpreters to conscript it into a poiesis model of poetry. Drawing on theories of Enlightenment, literary theory, and Visual and Media studies, The Enlightenment Engine engages mid-eighteenth-century poetry to argue that the fusion of human and nonhuman, artist and machine invigorates the conceptual dynamics of techné and poiesis and critically reflects on the technology of poetry in the Enlightenment and beyond.